Imagine that you were aware of an internal theft, fraudulent activity or an issue personal to you, such as discrimination, bullying or harassment. What would you do if you felt uneasy about something happening at work? How do you make your concerns known?

Don’t let immoral behaviour and practices go unreported

Expolink is an independent channel with impartial staff to handle these types of calls in a professional way. We act as a dedicated interface between you and your company, giving you the opportunity to report your concerns about any corrupt, illegal or immoral practices in your workplace, anonymously and confidentially.

About Expolink

  • We are completely independent from your business and act impartially to the incident in hand.
  • We provide the opportunities for you to speak out rather than allow any workplace concerns to go unreported.
  • Conversations are completely confidential and are not recorded.
  • Incidents are reported back to your employer.
  • We are not counsellors, however we act in your best interests and provide support/advice where necessary.
  • Expolink acts independently to your organisation to protect both you and your employer.

You can call Expolink free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Not all of our clients will accept web reports from their employees. If you would like to submit a web report, please click on the link below and enter your company’s access code to enter the reporting area. You will be authorised only if your company allows this method

Submit a new report Access an existing report