Whistleblowing Policy Template

Organisations looking to implement a whistleblowing hotline need to have a whistleblowing policy already in place.

A Whistleblowing Policy (which may also be referred to as a ‘Speak Up Policy’, or form part of a wider Ethics Policy), is a vital resource for your organisation and its employees.

As well as providing a consistent framework around which all whistleblowing matters can be handled, it can also provide guidance and clarity to would-be disclosers about what to expect, should they decide to speak up. An effective Policy will help build trust between employees and the organisation, and encourage more people to come forward to report their concerns.

A Whistleblowing Policy should detail key information, including:

  • Context, Aim and Scope
  • How to report concerns
  • Who receives reports
  • The report handling and investigation process
  • Measures in place to protect Disclosers

This template can be used to form the basis of a new policy, or to benchmark your own existing policy against.

NOTE: This resource does not constitute legal advice. Please seek guidance from legal counsel before publishing your own Policy.

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