Discover the 71 questions that will help you choose a hotline service provider

If you’re speaking to independent providers about a whistleblowing hotline, web or mobile app reporting service, you’ll no doubt have a number of questions about their solution, its flexibility and, of course, cost.

But what are the really probing questions that will help differentiate one provider from another?

We hope this short list of questions, originally posed to us by potential buyers of our service, will help you quickly gain a clearer understanding of your shortlisted providers’ strengths and weaknesses.

We’ve separated the questions into the following categories:

  1. Reporting and Service Options
  2. Statistics and Analysis
  3. Approach
  4. Processes
  5. Security and Data Protection
  6. Receiving and Managing Incident Reports
  7. Further Considerations

Each set of questions is designed to enable you to get the most relevant information from the provider, to better inform your buying decision.

This guide will help you identify:

  • Differences in providers’ reporting/service options
  • Their approach to speaking up, and its impact on you
  • What their processes look like, and how they work
  • Security and data protection measures