Our Whistleblowing Benchmarking Report 2018 relates to all Original Incident Reports received globally via our own intake channels between 1 January and 31 December 2017.

During the reporting period, there were 13,377 qualifying reports submitted by users across the globe.

What’s included?

We’ve included a more detailed Geographical and Sector Analysis for the first time, providing insight into how trends can vary from one country – or industry – to another. Data analysis includes:

  • The most commonly reported issues (inc. by sector)
  • Most popular reporting channels
  • Anonymity rates (inc. per channel and per sector)
  • Sector Analysis (inc. per anonymity rates, issues raised and intake channel)
  • Geographical Analysis (inc. anonymity rates and intake channels)
  • Incidence rates

This analysis excludes ‘walk up’ and internally-submitted reports, follow-up or abandoned reports, and enquiries. All data displayed was collated without accessing any personal information. Data spans all industry sectors and territories covered by our service. 

Key insights from this report

  • Increased Incidence Rate, hinting at an increased willingness among employees to identify themselves.
  • Lower Anonymity Rates in countries where speaking up is well established.
  • A 131% annual increase in ‘Bribery/Corruption’ related reports.

How is your speak up service performing? Get the latest whistleblowing insights from our 2018 report.