Encouraging staff to share their workplace concerns – and putting the right channels in place to enable this – are critical steps in developing a more open workplace culture.

But implementing a policy, reporting mechanisms ongoing communication campaign is the (relatively) easy part.

Without the right culture – one that encourages and supports employees to ‘do the right thing’ – your organisation’s speak up programme will fail to realise its true potential.

Creating the right culture

Encouraging a Speak Up Culture is a new 85-page guide from the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) that aims to help organisations develop a speak up-friendly culture.

Get the Guide

Order your copy of Encouraging a Speak Up Culture from the IBE’s website.

The guide provides practical guidance that organisations can use to establish the conditions, procedures and resources that will give employees confidence to speak up. It also offers a wide range of case studies from IBE corporate subscribers and companies including Expolink, BP, BAE Systems and Diageo.

The guide, which has been produced in partnership with Expolink, covers six areas:

  • Establishing a Speak Up Policy and Programme
  • The Features of an Effective Speak Up Policy
  • Making it Work – Creating a Speak Up Culture
  • Operating the Policy
  • Investigations
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Order your copy of the guide

Encouraging a Speak Up Culture is available from 9th November 2017 and can be pre-ordered from the IBE’s website.