Nearly 30% of employees in Europe have been aware of legal or ethical misconduct during the past year at work, according to a survey released today by The Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) and sponsored by Expolink.

The most common type of misconduct reported was mistreatment of people (46%) – a theme reflected in our own 2018 Benchmarking Report.

Other frequently-cited misconduct included misreporting hours worked (35%), closely followed by safety violations (30%).

The IBE’s Ethics at Work Survey was first conducted in 2005, bringing real insight into employees’ views on ethics across all sectors and job roles. The research aims to shed light on how employees experience unethical behaviour in their day-to-day lives at work.

This year’s survey, which has been expanded to cover eight European countries, investigates whether employees have witnessed wrongdoing, whether they reported it and, if left unreported, what stopped them from reporting the incident.

The research has revealed employees who witness misconduct today are more likely to speak up than in 2015, when the research was last conducted, with over 54% of employees raising their concern.

UK employees were most likely to have reported ethical misconduct (67%), whilst the least likely to have done so were employees in Portugal (49%).

To find out more about the survey visit the IBE’s website.

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