Our latest global Benchmarking Report has revealed an increase employees’ willingness to use whistleblowing services.

The analysis, which includes data from more than 13,000 disclosures made through our independent channels in 2017, shows the number of new reports per 1,000 employees has jumped from 2.1 in 2016 to 2.5 last year.

The report also reveals a greater proportion of disclosures being made online than ever before, although telephone channels remain the most popular channel globally.

What were 2017’s most commonly-reported issues?

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Report highlights

  • The proportion of people reporting concerns anonymously is falling
  • Disclosers are up to 50% more likely to remain anonymous when reporting their concerns via the web (compared to telephone channels)
  • Employees in China are the most likely to report concerns anonymously anonymous
  • More than 1-in-10 disclosures relate to Theft, Fraud, Bribery or Corruption
  • Employees in the accommodation and food service sector are those most likely to report their concerns via the telephone
  • The entertainment and arts industry has the highest proportion of reports relating to bullying, discrimination or harassment

Are senior teams ready to ‘listen up’?

Commenting on the Report’s findings, Expolink Chief Executive John Wilson said:

“When our last benchmarking report was published in the middle of last year, no-one could reasonably have foreseen the tsunami of public whistleblowing that was about to be unleashed.

“But what is often overlooked is why these cases ended up in the public eye at all. Organisations must revisit their own speak up policies and procedures, and pose themselves two critical questions:

“Firstly, are they making it as easy and comfortable as possible for employees to speak up?  Secondly, can those employees who are brave enough to speak up be confident their report will be met by a senior team that is ready to ‘listen up’?”

You can download a copy of our 2018 Benchmarking Report here.