Acceptable Use Policy


This document outlines the policies and best practices for using Expolink’s website (the “Site”). The Site is used on a daily basis and these practices have been developed to industry best practices to help ensure security, regulatory compliance, and ethical standards.

The Policy

Responsible Use of the Site

Email is not a secure way of sending information and some email providers, such as Hotmail and Google Mail are even less secure. Accidental breaches of confidentiality can occur by entering a wrong address or forwarding a message to the incorrect recipients. It is inadvisable to send confidential or sensitive material by email unless encrypted.

When an email is created or received, a record of it remains within backups, even after it has been deleted from the receiver or sender’s mail box. These records are maintained principally to allow restoration of inadvertently deleted information. Records may be discoverable information if they relate to proceedings before a court, tribunal or an investigation by a regulatory body.

The Expolink Code of Practice for the Use of the Site

It is important that users read this policy and Code and if they do not understand anything, they should raise it with Use of Expolink systems which is contrary to the policy and Code of Practice will be investigated. The examples of misuse provided in the Code are not exhaustive.

The Code

1. Standards

Users of the Site must act with integrity. This applies particularly to harassment, discrimination, confidentiality, information security and misuse of resources. Communication must be consistent with conventional standards of ethical conduct and behaviour. Users are not permitted to use the Site to create, forward or display any offensive or disruptive messages.

2. Use of the System

Users are expected to use their access to the Site primarily for business related purposes.

The Site must not be used to send junk emails or unsolicited marketing material (SPAM); the material can include chain letters and offers, hoax virus alerts, amusing animations and graphics, make money-fast schemes, unsolicited mail or communication lists.

Users are reminded that Expolink audits and monitors use of its business systems.

3. Security

The use of the Site can expose their information to security risks and all users are advised to follow the necessary security disciplines and to use and keep their passwords confidential.

Users are responsible for breaches of security caused by their misuse of the Site.

Internet based file upload and sharing sites or services should not be used for any sensitive or confidential information and is strictly prohibited. These sites may distribute files for accessibility or backup purposes to other countries with separate information security or legal policies.

Users must never attempt to breach measures designed to protect the security or privacy of any other user, this includes “hacking” into other systems via the Site. Similarly, they must never attempt to breach measures designed to protect the security, efficiency or legality of the Site.

Emails can be intercepted or read by people that the email was not intended for. Users are advised that no sensitive information should be sent either as part of the email text itself or as an attachment to an email unless it is secured using an industry standard encryption algorithm.

4. Offensive Material

It is unacceptable to access, archive, store, distribute, edit or record sexually explicit or other offensive material.  There is no exception to this and appropriate action will be taken.

The display of any sexually explicit image or document is unacceptable. The display of such material can result in claims of harassment and discrimination.

The Site shall not be used as a means of sexual harassment and shall not be used for sending offensive comments based on an individual’s gender, age, sexuality, race, disability or appearance.

5. Illegal Use

Any use of the Site for illegal purposes will be subject to the appropriate investigation and which could result in possible criminal prosecution. Expolink will comply with reasonable requests from law enforcement and regulatory authorities, for information relating to an illegal use of the Site.

Users must observe legislation which relates to Internet and email, including the Data Protection Act 2018, Computer Misuse Act 1990 and Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

6. Software

No software, free or chargeable, should be downloaded from the Site without Expolink’s express consent. This may infringe licences or copyright, incur charges for which the individual would be personally liable and may result in viruses or other corrupting software being imported into Expolink systems.

Users must not use the Site to download entertainment software or games, to play games against others across the Internet or participate in online gambling.

Users must not use the Site to upload software licensed to Expolink or owned by Expolink without authorisation from Expolink.

7. Confidential Data

Users must not use the Site to communicate confidential data, nor should they release confidential information to newsgroups or chat areas.

8. Defamation

Users must not make or forward derogatory, libellous or defamatory remarks about any person or organisation on the Site. If an individual discovers potentially defamatory material they should report it to Expolink in order that appropriate steps can be taken. Users must not send or forward discriminatory messages, even if it is intended as a joke, as this could also amount to harassment.

9. Misrepresentation

Users must not change an email that has been sent to them before forwarding the email to another recipient, such that it misrepresents the original email; nor should they impersonate any other person when using email.


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